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A Secured Loan has the advantage of being quicker to complete than a remortgage. Loan sizes are available from £10,000 upwards, with terms up to 25 years. Also known as second charges can be used for virtually any legal purpose.

Secured Loans can be made available to clients with poor credit, and clients who are employed or unemployed on state benefits. In these days of so called ‘Mortgage Prisoners’, where borrowers are locked into existing lenders with fixed, discounted and interest only products, but face extreme difficulty in obtaining finance from the same existing lender, a second mortgage is a clear option where there is sufficient equity in the property, with secured loans the property is at risk in the same way as is the case with their first mortgage.

Secured Loans for any Legal Purpose

  • Home Improvements
  • Car Purchase
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Purchase Second Property
  • One off special purchase eg: Weddings & Holidays
  • Paying off HMRC & VAT Bills

Fully Qualified Advisors

There are a wide range of Secured Loan products. Our fully qualified advisors can help you with the best solution for you. If you’re wondering which type of Secured Loan might best suit you, then call one of our expert advisers on: 01302 591525

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any financial product that you buy, it is important you’re confident about getting the best advice from a reputable company. This is why it pays to draw upon the knowledge and experience of a qualified advisor. Our advisors will take an in depth look at your own unique circumstances and advise the best secured loan for you if appropriate.

Our initial consultation is free and without obligation. After we have spoken to you and ascertained both your circunstances and requirements, we will be able to provide a cost for the work involved on our part in working with you to obtain a secured loan. Our broker fee is tailored to each specific case and only payable upon receipt of a valid loan offer.

Avalon FS Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Financial Experts

Avalon FS Ltd have a fully qualified and varied team, advising on all aspects of finance ranging from mortgages and commercial lending to funeral planning and wills.

Always Available

Our expert advisors are available over the phone and online. If not available immediately we will always aim to return your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

Customer Focused

The majority of our work is referral based and we have built a solid reputation for looking after our customers which is why they keep coming back.